19th August 2007 Newsletter

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New Wholesalers PLUS eBay Alert!

Hi again,

More wholesale sources added in the last week or so.

(NB: If you're a paid up member and you've forgotten
your log in details please contact us but please remember
to include your *full* name and when you purchased because
without that, we can't look up your details.

Also, here's an example of how to fill in an online
registration form for a supplier. If you follow this
you should have no trouble getting approved.

I did and I now have a username/password to view
trade prices and order goods.

I also show you how to do eBay product research
to see which products are likely to make you a

Supplier ID was 2901. (Type '2901' into our
search box, but please read this first!).

You register with them by filling out an online form.
I only filled out the fields that were mandatory so I
just put in my name, email, position in the business was
simply 'manager', company name was 'sole trader', my
address, phone number, type of business I selected
'trade/dealer' though there's also an option to put
'eBay' for you eBayers, 'market stall', etc.

Another interesting option is drop shipping, but I
just chose wholesale.

A day or two later, my account was approved and
I'm now able to go to the site, log in and view
trade prices and order with credit card.

Now, I've had emails from people saying, "Can I make
money on eBay from these wholesalers?".

If you read my buying and selling emails at the start,
you'll recall that I said with many wholesalers
you CANNOT make a profit on eBay because
9 times out of 10, the products you find are
already selling on eBay for the wholesale price
or less.

I believe that many sellers on eBay are wholesalers
so you cannot possibly compete with them unless
you can afford to buy 1000's of units at a time.

One useful strategy, however, is to do lots of
research using eBay's Advanced Search feature
and selecting 'Completed Listings Only'.

Then, with wholesale pricelist in hand, you spend
an hour or so for each wholesaler comparing the
eBay prices with the prices you can acquire the
product for.

Now, many times you'll find that the product
is NOT on eBay. This may be an opening and
you'll have to use your judgement to determine
if it's worth taking the 'risk', so to speak. I did
this myself, and most of the time, was successful.

There was one occasion, though, when I had
bought a load of 'practical jokes' and found
that they were too cheap to make money with
after fees and postage.

And there's a lesson I learned from that.

Avoid very low priced items. The eBay fees
and postage make them not worth the effort. Your
best bet with items that sell for 99p, etc. is to
bundle them together in special packs.

Others times, of course, you'll find that the product
is selling at a price you CAN profit with.

Okay, so here's what I did.

I logged into supplier ID 2901 and opened up
eBay in another browser window. I chose this
supplier because I came across them again during
the week and their products interested me.

But you could, of course, do this with any supplier
when you know their wholesale prices.

Lets' start with some random products from the
'Gadgets' section of this supplier.

Remember, I'm using Advanced Search and 'Completed
Listings Only', NOT items currently for sale. I want to
know what price they are selling for, not the price they're
*for sale* at. That's important. If an item is on sale
for 50 quid, it doesn't mean it's actually *selling*
for that price. Advanced Search will show you
the prices the item has sold for in the past.

So here's what happend.

Product 1....binary clock...trade price from 15.50
to 17.00...depending on quantity.

eBay...Only 2 items for sale like that, 1 sold for 24.99
so it's a possible seller.

Product 2...Lav Nav...trade price 9.70
eBay...no results for Lav Nav...possible seller.

Product 3...Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock...trade price from 13.00
to 15.00

eBay...no results for Sonic Bomb...possible seller

Product 4...Retro Style Phone Handset...trade price from 14.00
to 15.00

eBay...only one similar item in results, it was used and sold for 3.46
on auction, so another possible seller.

Product 4...LED Badge...trade price from 8.00 to 9.00

eBay...oodles of these available for much less than 8.00 so
forget about that.

Product 5...USB Ashtray...trade price from 2.90 to 2.50

eBay...quite a few listed by what looks like one seller, but not
sold. Listed for 99p but with postage of 4.55. I guess buyers
don't like the postage ripoff! So it's a possible seller if you use
actual postage costs in the listing.

Product 6...Keyshark...trade price from 26.00 to 22.00.

eBay...Not many listed for sale...but selling for 30 to 35 GBP.
Another possible seller.

Product 7...Stealth Switch...trade price 15.00 to 14.00

eBay...No results, possible seller.

Product 8...USB Plasma Ball...trade price 5.95

eBay...not many for sale, but going for 9.99 to 12.99
so another possible seller.

Product 9...Phonetrip...trade price 4.20

eBay...no results...possible seller

Product 10...USB Pole Dancer...trade price 15.00

eBay...very few for sale...3 sold...from 5.71 to 22.99
so could be a seller.

So there's a typical research 'session'. Took about
half an hour. We found several possible sellers and a
couple of very promising looking products out of the
10 we looked at.

Of course, there are many more products available
so you could spend a few hours on this one supplier
if you wanted to be thorough.

It'd probably take a couple of hours or more to
compare all products.

Another good idea is to contact wholesalers and
ask if they have any surplus/end of line type stock
available for below wholesale price. Again, if they
have, do the eBay research first before making
any purchases.

Of course, there are other ways to make money on
eBay, I'm only talking about using wholesalers as that
is the area I'm most familiar with.

If you're only interested in an additional income and
not going into this full time, you should also seriously
consider Party Planning.

Get a good sized group of friends over to your house
and sell stock that way. My sister sometimes does this.
It's a great way to make sales as, often, your buyers
will tell their friends and you can sell more by word
of mouth.

Another great way to supplement your income is
sell at your workplace.


Get an order of stock from a wholesaler and place
a selection of each item in your work canteen with
an order form. You can print an order form on your
home printer. Just type one out using WordPad or
even Notepad.

Or...if you don't want to risk buying a lot of stock
up front, just buy retail samples, one of each
item, to make up a selection and take orders for
shipping later. Remember, you can use dropshippers
for this too.

And get this....WHY NOT BUY FROM EBAY

Think about that.

You can buy many items on eBay *cheaper*
than you can from a wholesaler.

Not everyone knows about eBay or could be bothered
with it. If most people are like me, they'd prefer to have
the product in their hands NOW and not wait for auctions
to end and items to be shipped.

There are other great new wholesale sources added
in the last week, also. I've been a bit busy this week
*locating* new suppliers, so in the next few weeks
expect to see some cracking new sources added.
To view these new sources' contact details, please
click the link below and select 'recently added' from
the menu.

If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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