3rd September 2007 Newsletter

Whats New...

New Wholesalers Added

Hi again,

More wholesale sources added in the last week or so.

(NB: If you're a paid up member and you've forgotten
your log in details please contact us but please remember
to include your *full* name and when you purchased because
without that, we can't look up your details.

I must admit, I didn't get a chance to do much this week
as I was busy working on a new design for the site which
you might see in the next week or two unless I get fed up
with it and throw it in the bin.

I still have dozens of great suppliers to add and will try
to get a lot more of them included next week.

It's kind of a 'girly' week this week, with the exception
of 2979. Most retail shops cater to girls/ladies, and here
are a few great suppliers including more dropshippers.

ID 2975 and 2976

Both these websites are run by Liz Wagner and between
them they supply Emu Oil and Avocado products. Emu Oil
is an interesting new skin care treatment and is said to be
very effective for many skin problems such as burns, bites,
psoriasis, ageing and so forth. She is willing to do dropshipping.
Contact for terms.

ID 2977

This supplier retails, wholesales and dropships Decorative,
Beaded, Jewelled, Diamante and Glitter Bra Straps. Their
wholesale minimum is only 50GBP initially, and from then
on, no minimum. Contact for prices and dropshipping terms.

ID 2979

Wholesalers of bankrupt, liquidation and clearance stocks. Just
looking through the site today they have job lots of Handbags,
Air/Powertools, Gift Stock, Pound Store Stock, Jewellery, Ann
Summers, Sanding/Welding Stock, Christmas Stock and much
more. Prices are from 10% to around 50% of retail value. It's
all new stock, no returns.

ID 2980

These import and wholesale a wide range of Fashion Jewellery
and Accessories. They also supply packaging and display stands.
You'll need to contact them for a password, and then you can
order online or if you're a large buyer, they can meet you with
samples. Additionally, you can visit them but must make an
appointment first.

More great wholesalers and dropshippers coming in the next week
so stay tuned.

If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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