16th September 2007 Newsletter

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New Wholesalers Added

Hi again,

More wholesale sources added in the last week or so.

(NB: If you're a paid up member and you've forgotten
your log in details please contact us but please remember
to include your *full* name and when you purchased because
without that, we can't look up your details.

A bit 'naughty' this week as there are a couple of suppliers
of 'adult' type products. So if you're under 18, you must
not read the rest of this newsletter!

ID 2981

A great wholesaler and dropshipper of childrens/nursery type toys
and the like. They also do a small selection of radio controlled
toys. Their range of products is very impressive and the emphasis
is on baby/nursery items like buggies, strollers, travel cots,
powered ride-on toys, etc. They offer the lowest wholesale prices
guaranteed and there is a small fee of 29GBP for their dropshipping
program. Wholesale/dropshipping prices are up to 50% of retail.

ID 2982

These wholesale a good range of unusual and decorative collapsible
wooden fruit baskets and trays. Great for the gift trade. Contact
them for wholesale pricing as they only show retail prices on the

ID 2983

These wholesale a staggering range of party, adult and novelty
products. Along with the usual party hats, glitter, balloons,
bunting and so on, they have some very interesting items like the
England Fan...a pocket fan that shows 'England' in led lighting
when switched on, fake Lotto tickets, a beer alarm which alerts
you if your beer glass is moved, shock lighers, stink bombs, etc.

There are far too many products to list here. You'll need to
register to see wholesale prices. Registration is free.

ID 2984

Another dropshipper. These dropship a wide variety of products
in categories such as automotive, clothing, computing, jewellery,
electronics, gadgets and many more. Registration is free.

ID 2985

Retailers and wholesalers of a large range of high quality wool and
wool/silk Pashmina Shawls. For wholesale, they have no minimum
order. You'll need to email them for wholesale prices.

ID 2986

This is quite unusual. A manufacturer AND dropshipper. Normally,
dropshippers have purchased direct from the manufacturer but with
this supplier, you should be able to get very low prices as there is
no middleman. They supply adult lingerie, glamourwear, hosiery,
skirts, thongs, and so on.

ID 2987

*Another* manufacturer/wholesaler, this time a supplier of fashion
and body jewellery in silver and gold. They have a good range
of non-piercing 'clip on' body jewellery and have a minimum order
value of just 100GBP.

ID 2988

Another 'gem' of a find for those of you looking to buy surplus
stocks for, as they are MAJOR suppliers of end of line, excess,
and discontinued stock to small independent traders like market
traders, eBayers, exporters, party planners, etc.

Looking at the site today, they have some great offers like 10
Portable DVD Players for only 580GBP + VAT, 5 Sony Hi-Fi
Systems for only 249GBP + VAT, 8 Branded DVD Recorders
for only 499GBP + VAT, 42 Inch Plasma TVs going for only
479GBP + VAT each, 32 LCD TVs for only 275GBP, 12
Toshiba DVD Players for only 199GBP + VAT and so much
more. Video players from only 14.50 each. All the above are
top brands like Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, Hitachi, etc.

They also do brand new furniture, tools, hardware, electricals
and toys!

More great wholesalers and dropshippers coming in the next week
so stay tuned.

If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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