15th October 2007 Newsletter

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New Wholesalers Added

(NB: If you're a paid up member and you've forgotten
your log in details please contact us but please remember
to include your *full* name and when you purchased because
without that, we can't look up your details.

More wholesale sources added in the last week or so.

ID 2996

This London based wholesaler of designer Jewellery has a wide
range of products and huge stock holding. They boast low prices
giving high margins for traders and next day delivery for orders
received before 1pm. Register with them free and they'll send
you a catalogue.

ID 2997

Importer and wholesaler of Ladies Garments. They design their
own clothing, which are then manufactured in Asia using woven
fabrics such as cotton, viscose, flex, etc. and have designs suitable
for both young and old. Register free for a username and password
and then you can shop online.

ID 2998

This Staffordshire based wholesaler of Lingerie also dropships.
Registration is free, just fill out the online form for wholesale
access. Remember to put 'sole trader' in the Company field of the
registration form, if you're not a registered company. This applies
to any online form that requires a company name. In addition to
wholesale and dropshipping, they also have quite a few wholesale
clearance lots on sale.

ID 2999

This is a great wholesaler for carbooters, market traders, etc.
They supply a wide range of products. Trade and public are welcome
to to purchase and there is no minimum order. Simply order online.
Some typical prices are: 24 Flashing Mobile Phone Holders, 8.40GBP,
48 packs Xmas Tree Decorations, 4.80GBP, 96 Xmas Stockings, 21.00GBP,
24 Porcelain Baby Dolls, 14.40GBP, 50 Egyptian Cat Figures, 9GBP,
20 Rachel Hale Bags, 40.00GBP, 24 Steam Microwave Pots, 20.40GBP, etc.

ID 3000

This dropshipper supplies mid-budget DVDs. There is no registration
fee, you just register with your name and address to access the trade
prices. They have a huge selection of DVDs, too many to give details
here. There are over 20 categories so most genres are covered from
adult to world cinema. Just browsing through the Action section there
are over 900 items and the movies are going for between 3 and 7 GBP
with many classic titles in there.

If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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