31st October 2007 Newsletter

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Summary of the Latest Wholesalers.

(NB: If you're a paid up member and you've forgotten your log in details
please contact us but please remember to include your *full* name
and when you purchased because without that, we can't look up
your details.

ID 3001

Great wholesaler of branded Fashion Clothing with some
great names like Addict, Miss Sixty, Chilli Pepper, Hooch
and many more. Current stock includes Addict Parkas for
10.50GBP each, Addict Tops for 6.00GBP each, Bench
Ponchos for 7.50 each...in fact in the 6 pages of current
stock, most items are selling for between 6.00GBP and
10.00GBP and this is very fashionable stock including
jeans, hoodies, jumpers, tops, parkas, etc. There's free
delivery and a low minimum order quantity of just 20 items.

ID 3002

This is a great free directory featuring over 1,000 wholesalers
to the Gift and Homeware trade. There's a great clearance
board featuring dozens of great half price clearance offers.
Just browsing through this recently, there are clearance offers
on Valentino Bags, D & G Shirts, Jewellery, Versace Skirts,
Hugo Boss clothing, Bridal/Wedding items, quite a few
different lots of England Football items, Mobile Phone
Charms, and various other Gift and Home products.

ID 3003

This is a bulk supplier of mostly T-Shirts and Sweatshirts
at greatly discounted prices. Their stock is end of range,
discontinued and A-Grade seconds. For high volume
buyers only, minimum order 3,000 pieces.

Just looking at the site recently, there are T-Shirts going
for just 36p +Vat each, Ladies fitted Fruit of The Loom
T-Shirts for 43p + VAT, Kids T-Shirts for 20p + VAT,
Sweatshirts for 95p + VAT, Adult Hoodies for 1.85
+ VAT, Kids Hoodies for 1.00 + VAT, etc. Prices
include delivery to UK.

For smaller orders, they have a separate site, ID 2925.

ID 3004

Another of those 'innovative' type products, namely
plastic nappy clips which were developed to replace safety
pins in reuseable nappies. They also supply nail clippers
for babies and their own range of nappies.

ID 3005

You may have received my earlier email all about this supplier.
They are the IDEAL supplier and should have appeal to
many people.

They offer HEALTH & BEAUTY products
They offer SALE OR RETURN for unsold stock

I paid 10GBP for their information pack and this duly
arrived within a few days. The information pack comes with
100 glossy leaflets that can be used to get started. You get
an ID from the supplier, put this on each leaflet, and any
order that they receive you will get credited with the
commission. The products are dropshipped to your

Alternatively, you can buy in bulk wholesale from them.

They have 8 skincare/slimming products ranging in retail
price from 25GBP to 47GBP, and if you buy in wholesale
quantities, the profit margin is approx. 50%.

If you're buying in wholesale, looking at their pricelist, you
can get started for under 200GBP by ordering 10 of their
cheapest product. Further discounts are given if you buy
in higher quantities. They will buy back any unsold stock,
so there is very little risk involved.

Profit margin for dropshipping is lower, understandably, as
it means extra work for them, but it varies from around 25%
up to 33%, so still very generous. There is shipping to add
to this, but it's very reasonable. 3.40GBP for UK deliveries
and 5.40 for overseas. You can pass this on to the customer,
of course.

They have a very strict policy regarding the recommended retail
price. You can sell above the RRP to increase margins, but you
cannot sell below the RRP. This is good news for eBayers.

For your customers, they offer a guarantee if the products
don't work.

The information CD gives advice on the different ways of selling
the product, product information, images, etc. There's a simple
and very reasonable Terms & Conditions form to be filled out
and sent to them so that you can get started.

More great wholesalers and dropshippers coming in the next week
so stay tuned.

If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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