5th November 2007 Newsletter

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Apple iPhone Wholesalers.

(NB: If you're a paid up member and you've forgotten your log in details
please contact us but please remember to include your *full* name
and when you purchased because without that, we can't look up
your details.

If you're at all interested in the new Apple iPhone
or wholesale mobile phones generally, then this
source should interest you.

This is a huge global wholesale marketplace website
for mobile phone sellers and buyers and all makes of
phone are represented.

Just looking at the site today at all the selling offers
there should be a great opportunity here to make money.

If you're looking to sell on eBay, you should do some
research first, obviously. Use eBay's Advanced Search
and check Completed Listings.

(Or subscribe to their Marketplace Research if you're
really serious. This is particularly useful when researching
mobile phones as some models, the Nokia N95 for example, have
so many listings on eBay it can be very difficult to
get a handle on the average selling price.)

Not every phone is a moneymaker on eBay, so you
need to spend some time at this.

As a general rule, the later the model, the better the
chance of making a profit. So always keep an eye
on the latest models and their prices.

(You may recall the last newsletter about iPods where
the latest Touch 16gb model was the most profitable
on eBay from supplier ID 2873).

Lets take the new iPhone as an example. The average
wholesale price for the Apple iPhone works out at around
268GBP. These are selling on eBay UK for between
300GBP and 400GBP.

These should be a very profitable seller on eBay UK
this month and in the run up to Christmas as they are
officially released on 9th November.

Wholesale offers do vary widely, so have a good look
for the best deals.

Looking through the 40 or so current offers for the
iPhone alone, they are available from 500USD for
a quantity of just 5. That's around 250GBP at
current exchange rates.

To show you the variance in prices, another seller is
offering 50 of them for only 400USD and another offer
is for 500 of them for 300USD each.

Apart from the iPhone, it looks like every phone make
and model is available and the total number of offers
over the last three months is a whopping 9,000, so this
is a big marketplace that anyone interested in mobile
phone trading should know about. They also deal in PDAs
and Accessories.

I spent about an hour doing some quick research for
the iPhone. I could spend weeks here researching every
make and model!

Many of the offers are for high quantities, so if you've got
a huge purchasing budget, you'll have no trouble finding
profitable stock.

More realistically for the smaller independent trader, there
are many low quantity offers of 5, 10, 15 units. You can
elect to have a daily email update of the latest offers or
you can log in as often as you like, because new offers
are posted frequently.

With this mobile phone website, you can register for free
to view offers but to view sellers contact details requires
a paid membership.

Their paid membership fee is normally 49.95USD per
month or if you pay annually it works out at only 29.95USD
per month.

However, they have a special on at the moment where
you can get two months membership for the price of one.

But do have a good look at the offer prices before upgrading
to the paid membership.

It's supplier ID 2875, (just type ID 2875 into our
search box).

If I come across other suppliers of iPhones, I'll let you know.
But this is probably the best place to start for this product
or any other mobile phone for that matter.

If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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