2nd December 2007 Newsletter

Whats New...

New Wholesalers and Dropshippers.

ID 3018

First up, yet another fantastic wholesaler of clearance stock
including branded licensed stock at up to 80% off RRP. Ideal
for the small independent traders like carbooters, eBayers, market
traders, etc.

They sell a very wide range of stock too. Just browsing through
the site today there are 100s of offers like Bratz Dolls, RRP 29.99
selling for 8.50, Shrek Dolls, RRP 19.99, selling for 6.50, Verballs,
RRP 24.99, selling for 3.95, Family Guy 3 Pack Videos, RRP 21.99,
selling for 3.25, Bob Golfer Statues, RRP 10.00, selling for 1.25,
Simpsons Manicure Sets, RRP 4.99, selling for 0.65p, Various
PC Games, RRP 9.99, selling for 0.65p, Captain Scarlet Mouse
Pads, RRP 4.99, selling for 0.32p, etc. etc. etc.

They also have 2 pages of Christmas offers like Crackers, Cards
and so forth, 4 pages of Kids Books and Licensed 2008 Calendar
offers from 0.65p, etc.

They are currently offering a wholesale lot of Christmas Lights &
Decorations with a total RRP of over 1600.00, for only 213.00!
The lots include Xmas Trees, Decorations, Candles/Holders,
Numerous varieties of Xmas Lights, Lightup Reindeer Sleighs,
Revolving Tree Stands, and much more.

Registration is free, there is no minimum order and they ship all
over Europe.

ID 3019

Next up, another of those innovative "as seen on TV" type products
is available retail and wholesale from this supplier. Their main
product is a heatpad for Pets. You just stick it in the microwave and it will
stay warm for up to 10 hours.

Contact them for wholesale terms. They can provide a brochure,
leaflets, a CD marketing disc with graphics, video, etc, and posters.

They also have a Party Plan scheme where they provide a product
sample pack from which you can make up to 40% markup by selling
to friends and relatives from home.

ID 3020

Next is a manufacturer of Fashion Jewellery. Manufacturers are
the best wholesale sources as there are no middlemen. This supplier
is based in London and supplies both finished and loose products
like Beads, Pearls, etc. They also supply DIY kits. Contact them
for a brochure.

ID 3021

Another of those innovative products from a Surrey based wholesaler.
This is a Natural Daylight Lamp which not only improves lighting for
displays, etc. it can also improve concentration and well being.
Sufferers of SAD, (Seasonal Affective Disorder), have been
known to benefit from it's use. Contact them for wholesale prices.

ID 3022

More innovative products, this time from a manufacturer based
in Norfolk. They supply those electronic Fly Swatters that look
like tennis rackets, LED Candles and Torches, Gel Hand Warmers,
Beer Making Machines and other similar product. To get in touch,
you can download their wholesale order form and either fax or
post it back to them.

You can view the latest suppliers here:


If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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