9th December 2007 Newsletter

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New Wholesalers and Dropshippers.

This weeks wholesalers.

ID 3023

A great Durham based wholesaler and dropshipper of
Ink Cartridges, Fax Cartridges, Laser Toners & Ribbons
for most of the major brands. There is no joining fee and
free delivery on orders over 150. Contact them for details
of both wholesale and dropshipping terms.

ID 3024

Great wholesaler of branded T-Shirts, Polo Shirts,
Sweatshirts, Headwear, Bespoke products, Workwear,
Schoolwear, Fleeces, Childrens Garments, Schoolwear,
Bags and Accessories from names such as Fruit of the
Loom, Hanes, Continental, Headwear and others.

Just looking at the site today, they have some great
special offers like a wide variety of Sweathshirts and
Polos from only 1.50 each, T-Shirts from only 65p,
Long Sleeve Polos from only 1.95, etc. Minimum
order quantity is 500 and further discounts are available
if you purchase more.

ID 3025

Another manufactuer/wholesaler, (you're welcome! :-)).
This Middlesex based supplier has a huge selection
of Leather and 'Faux Leather' Hangbags, Evening
Bags, Holdalls, Rucksacks, Office Bags, Belts,
Boots, and so on.

Did I say 'huge selection'?

Make that REALLY huge. They have 6 pages of
Hangbags alone, and the first page has full details,
pics, etc. for over 80 Handbags!! That's 100s of
different styles and prices. (So I hope you have a
fast connection or else you'll be well advised to
put the kettle on!)

Wholesale prices are shown and vary from 12.95
down to only 3.50 each for Handbags.

Also, they are currently having a sale on Boots
with the wholesale price of 14.95 reduced to
a mere 4.95 on a range of styles!

Minimum order amount is only 100GBP, though
trial orders of only 50GBP are offered. You can
order by email/phone or visit them with prior
appointment. They claim 95% of their orders
are delivered next working day, UK, and they
also deliver to the rest of Europe.

ID 3026

Supply an unusual Gift item that should sell well
at this time of year, a personalised Letter From
Santa. This comprises a Letter From Santa, A
decorative Door Hangar and free optional access
to a 'secret' Santa website. (Top secret, that is!)

The retailers pack consists of a Letter Request
package. Simply sell this pack to customers and
the supplier handles fulfillment.

The packs come in 24, 48 or 96 and there is
supporting POS and marketing material with
first order. The retail packs sell for 4.99 with
over 50% margin. (If you order online, you
get a further 2.5% discount).

They also supply a Magic Snow product with
similar margin. (Add water, and it 'grows' up
to 40 times original size). You can order both
products online with no registration.

You can view the latest suppliers here:


If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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