4th March 2008 Newsletter

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Job Lot Wholesalers and Dropshippers.

ID 3042

This Middlesex based wholesaler specialises in Urban/Streetwear
Clothing for Men, Ladies and Kids and caters to the smaller
independent trader.

They boast that every item on their site is in stock ready
to ship, and offer 'unbeatable' pricing.

They distribute brands such as Southpole, Sir Benni Miles,
Pelle Melle, Phat Farm, Karl Kani and many more.

ID 3043

This supplier retails and wholesales a very handy little
hanging device that attaches to handbags, purses, etc.,
to keep the them off the floor and hence clean and safe
from thieves. Simply attach to a table or counter top.

Contact them for wholesale. As a rough guide, though,
prices have been given as:

2.99GBP each if you order 100
1.56GBP each if you order 2000
72p each if you order 10,000

ID 3044

Another dropshipper. This Yorkshire based wholesaler
supplies a huge range of Animal themed gifts such as
coasters, cross-stitch sets, clocks, feeding bowls,
glasses, fridge magnets, key rings, mini t-shirts, 3D
mugs, shopping bags and more.

To get access, simply fill out there online registration
form. There is no charge for wholesale, but there is
an annual charge of 30 for dropshipping unless you
have previously traded with them to the value of 50
a month.

The dropshipping markup is suggested as 2.35 times
the trade price. This equates to 100% markup including

ID 3045

Wholesalers of refurbished, ex display and returns stock
in job lots. They have over two hundred wholesale pallets
in stock for market traders, eBay users, auctioneers,
car-booters, exporters, shops and anyone who's looking
to start their own business.

You can view each available pallet's stock and prices
online. Most pallets are marked as sold at the time of
writing this, so you need to be quick!

They also have a few links to several other similar suppliers
which I'll be looking into later.

ID 3046

Specialise in the wholesale supply of ex-chainstore clothing.
Stock is sourced from leading manufacturers across the globe
and includes ex-chainstore ladies clothing, children's clothing,
and men's clothing, originally made for leading UK high street
stores, along with a variety of branded ex-chainstore clothing,
character clothing and sportswear.

Stock comes from cancelled orders, overmakes and surplus stock.
There are further discounts available if you buy in high quantity.

ID 3047

Wholesalers of ex catalogue, overstocks, returns stock job lots
from Grattan, Freemans, Kaleidoscope and Montage based in
Peterborough and Bradford. For the smaller independent trader,
eBayer, etc. to larger wholesalers and retailers. Clothing,
Gifts, Toys, Home & Garden stocks available.

Amazing deals available here on brand new, perfect stocks. Just
browsing through the site today, they have millions of pounds
worth of stock, most of which is available at 10% of retail
price or even less.


CURTAINS, 162 PIECES, RRP 3,610.00, For only 270.75 (+VAT)

CHILDRENSWEAR, 606 Pieces, RRP 6,060.00, For only 606.0

LADIESWEAR, 294 Pieces, RRP 10,290.00, 514.50 (+VAT)
(that's 5% of the original price!)

MENSWEAR, 363 Pieces, RRP 9,075.00, For Only 907.50 (+VAT)

etc. etc. etc.

They currently have 10 job lots of Bedding, 4 job lots
of Curtains, 2 job lots of Garden Furniture, 53 lots of Ladies Wear,
5 lots of Menswear, 6 lots of Childrens Wear, 5 lots of Footwear,
all at 10% of retail or less and all perfect stock.

You can view the latest suppliers here:


If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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