14th April 2008 Newsletter

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Job Lot Wholesalers and Dropshippers.

ID 3048

Dropshipper, based in North Yorkshire, of Football related
souvenirs and gifts. They have a huge range of items ranging
from annuals to wristbands, badges to wallets. In fact, they
have over 40 different categories to choose from.

Minimum order is 200GBP. A dropshipping account
fee is payable at 49.99GBP.

ID 3049

Leading buyer and seller of branded, liquidated and
surplus stock. from some of the leading high street
retailers, of hundreds of quality brand names, branded
lines and some of the top selling lines.

Liquidated and surplus stock lines are diverse and
include clothes, hardware, stationery, beauty products,
household and much more.

Just browsing the site today, there is a small selection
of Childrens Clothing items like fleeces and tops from
under a quid each, beauty accessories from only 3p each,
which include items like ex-chainstore hair accessories,
travel pillows, hair paint, shampoo, combs, etc.

Other items include giftware such as bottle bags for
25p each, cushion covers from 40p each, mugs at
45p each, figurines, 40p each, various photo frames
from 75p each, etc.

In the garden section, there are bird feeders going
for 75p each, various plant foods from 40p each
and so on.

They have many more items than those shown, and
it may be worth shooting them an email for the latest.
They accept first time orders from all trades, whether
it be eBayers, market traders, on line resellers, party
planners or even carbooters and they buy unwanted

ID 3050

This is an online auction of wholesale, ex-catalog,
surplus stocks, etc. in an eBay type format. However,
it's not a listing of items from the general public. All
listings are from the same large ex-catalogue supplier.

While the site is aimed at trade only, members of
the public are also encouraged to take part.

This kind of stock comes from major retailers as
returned stock from customers.

The items have been returned for many reasons.
It may be that the item was damaged/faulty, the
wrong item, item was late or it wasn't what the
customer expected. So there is a considerable
amount of perfect stock.

Just browsing the site today, most available
stock is A grade, meaning in perfect/brand
new condition.

Many listngs have a Buy it Now type option
just like eBay.

Current listings include:

Grade A Electricals - RRP 619GBP, Start Bid 150GBP
Grade A Household - RRP 1851GBP, Start Bid 200GBP
Grade A BBQ Goods - RRP 774GBP, Start Bid 190GBP
Grade A Leisure Goods, RRP 760GBP, Start Bid 100GBP
Grade A Toys Pallet, RRP 1725GBP, Start Bid 431GBP

and other similar offers.

Registration is free, just fill out the online
form and place bids.

You can view the latest suppliers here:


If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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