23rd May 2008 Newsletter

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10 Profitable eBay Products.

Thought I'd spend an afternoon looking at the surplus suppliers
in our directory and finding products to sell on eBay.

If you're interested in selling on eBay, but not sure
where to start, here's what I did. I looked at products on
offer from the surplus suppliers and found 10 products that
are being sold on eBay UK right now and that can make
you a profit with minimal outlay.

I checked eBay for each product and using Advanced
Search and Completed Listings checked to see if the
products have sold recently and at what price and in
what numbers.

First, there are 6 products from ex chainstore clothing
supplier, ID 3054, that are doing well on eBay.

Item 1, a Wallis Top, selling on eBay for 7.99, you
can buy a lot of 10 for a mere 39.50. Profit potential
is 40.

Item 2, an ex chainstore dress, selling on eBay for 9.99,
you can buy a lot of 10 for 39.50. Profit potential over

Item 3, Ex M&S Top, selling on eBay for 7.99. Again,
you can buy a lot of 10 for just 39.50. Profit potential
again is over 40.

Item 4, ex Select Top, selling on eBay for 7.99. Buy
a joblot for only 35. Profit potential over 40.

Item 5, ex Select Denim Skirt, selling on eBay for 9.99.
A lot of 9 will set you back 31.50 giving a profit potential
of over 50.

Item 6, ex Sugar Clothing Dress, selling on eBay for 20.99.
You can get a lot of 5 for 75, giving a profit potential of
over 30.

Supplier number 2 is ID 1048. They have dozens of
unusual surplus items on offer and I found 4 of their
products are doing well currently on eBay.

Item one is Versace Perfume which is selling in lots of 20 on
eBay for only 4.99. You can buy 520 of these from this
particular supplier for only 65 giving a potential profit
of over 60.

Item two is from the same supplier, and the profit potential
is even higher. It's a tanning lotion which sells well on eBay
for 5.95, but you can buy a lot of 48 for only 77 giving
a potential profit of over 120.

Item 4, another Tanning product, sells on eBay for 4.99.
You can buy a lot of 48 for only 67.20, giving a profit
potential of over 170.

Item 3, again from the same supplier, is McAfee software
which sells very well on eBay for 15.99. You can buy
a stocklot of 50 for only 265 giving an amazing profit
potential of over 500!

So in just one afternoon, and looking at only two suppliers,
I've found products that could make me over 1000GBP

I think you could reasonably expect to turnover this amount
of stock in a month or less. I think it's a good strategy to have
several products on the go at the same time rather than to rely
on just one product.

So you can see, that to get started you only need 40 quid and
you can build up to selling mulitple products over time as your
profit grows.

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If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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