17th June 2008 Newsletter

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New Wholesalers.

ID 3058

Another ex-chainstore Clothing wholesaler, ideal for eBayers
and market traders.

There are many advantages to selling clothing on eBay or
anywhere else. It's a huge market, everybody needs
clothes! You don't need any technical skills, clothing
isn't going to 'break down' or develop a fault, it's
easy to store and ship and you can specialise in
different niches such as Lingerie or Large Size.

Selling famous name ex-catalog and ex-chainstore
clothing is a profitable and long term business for
anybody to get involved in.

With this type of supplier, you can buy goods at
a fraction of retail value, sell it to the customer at
half price, and still make a 100% markup. It's a
no brainer.

This particular wholesaler supplies Ladies, Childrens
and Menswear including large sizes, underwear
and accessories.

Brands include Per Una; Wallis; Next; Topshop; Gap;
Monsoon; Marks and Spencers; Miss Selfridge; Autograph;
Principles; Planet; New Look; Dorothy Perkins among others
and the prices are a fraction of retail.

Items come in packs of 12 and 6 and delivery is worldwide.
Simply order online.

Here are some of their ludicrously low prices:

M&S Linen Tops, RRP 19.50, only 59.40 for 12!
Principles Frill Top, RRP 35.00, only 83.76 for 12!
Per Una Skirt, RRP 39.50, only 102.00 for 12, 8.50!
Assorted Swimsuits, RRP 45.00, only 54.00 for 12, 4.50!
M&S Coral Top, RRP 12.00, only 34.80 for 12!
Ex River Island Dress, RRP 44.99, only 107.76 for 12!
Ex D Perkins Top, RRP 14.00, only 30.00 for 12!
Ex Soul Cal Pants, RRP 24.99, only 48.00 for 12!

...etc. There are dozons of other similar offers.
Prices shown exclude VAT at 17.5%.

ID 3059

Another great find is this Manchester based wholesaler of
surplus stocks. Categories includes Toys, Household Goods,
Clothing, Electricals, Sport & Fitness, Books, Mobile Phone
Accessories, Baby & Toddler products, Personal Care, Console
Accessories and Sofas & Sofabeds.

They have a great range of Sofabeds featured on
their home page which are on offer at up to 80%
off retail price. Probably not everyone's cup of
tea, far too large and bulky, so here are just a few
current offers taken randomly from the different

16 x Horror DVD Boxsets, 5 DVDs in each, only 32.00
Pro Performance Body Toners, RRP 110.00, only 8.99
Golf Putting Rebouncer, only 1.00 each
50 x Badmington Rackets, only 100.00
High Quality Dartboards, only 2.99 each
6 x Dunlop Basketballs, only 15.00
Golfmatic, (Auto ball placer), only 25.00 each
1 Ton of Used Books, only 250.00
1000 Hardback Books, only 125.00
3 x Nintendo DS/Gameboy Car Kits, only 6.00
1 Pallet of Console Accessories, RRP over 2400, only 500.00
33 x PSP Cleaning Kits, only 30.00
4 x PSP Powerpacks, only 5.00
10 x Atari Flashback Consoles, only 49.99
...etc. Lots more offers available. Prices include VAT.

ID 3060

This is a wholesaler of surplus, ex catalogue, ex display
Bicycles. Bicycles come in pallet lots of 12 from only
300.00 for C grade and B grade from only 360.00
for 12 and A grade, (as new), from only 480.00.
Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

The range of bikes available include Gents, Ladies
and Kids bikes in classic frame and full suspension
styles. You can order online.

You can view the latest suppliers here:


If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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