8th July 2008 Newsletter

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More Amazing Wholesale Offers.

ID 3061

Manchester based wholesalers of Fashion Accessories to
independent retailers, market traders and eBay traders as
well as larger retailers.

They supply a wide range of Fashion items such as
Sunglasses, Hats including Cowboy Hats, Baseball
Caps, Bandanas, etc., Gothic products like Bags, T-Shirts,
Jewellery, Belts, Gloves, Tights, etc., a wide range
of Belts, Winter Accessories, Bum Bags and more.

Some sample prices include:

1 Dozen Childrens Sunglasses, 5.40, only 45p each
1 Dozen Adults Sunglasses, 15.00, only 1.25 each
1 Dozen Cowboy Hats, 11.88, only 99p each
1 Dozen Ladies Summer Hats, 29.40, only 2.45 each
1 Dozen Bandanas, 6.60, only 55p each
1 Dozen Gothic Bags, 33.00, only 2.75 each
1 Dozen Gothic Belts, 13.80, only 1.15 each
1 Dozen Gothic Tights, 17.40, only 1.45 each
1 Dozen Fashion Belts, 10.20, only 85p each
1 Dozen Fashion Bum Bags, 29.88, only 2.49 each...

and lots more similar offers on their website.

Simply order online. No minimum order value, but if
you order over 200.00 worth, then shipping is free.

ID 3062

Leicestershire based Toy wholesaler of Toys, Swimming
Items, Inflatables & much more to market traders, fete stalls,
eBayers & independent retailers.

Categories include Bats & Balls, Bubble Toys, Outdoor
Fun, Swimming and General Toys.

Typical price samples:

12 Tennis Balls, 2.30
12 Deflated Footballs, 7.90
24 Rubber Jazzballs, 9.40
12 Disney Bat & Ball Sets, 13.00
36 Disney Princess Bubbles Box, 15.00
12 Bubble Swords, 15.00
24 Bubble Gun Sets, 27.40
12 Inflatable Scooby Doo Bashers, 9.10
12 Kids Sunglasses, 10.60
12 Water Bomb Flyers, 12.00
48 Ready to Fly Kites, 43.20
12 Childrens Goggles, 7.10
24 Snorkel & Goggle Set, 27.40
12 BB Guns with Ammo, 7.90

...and lots more.

Prices are in GB Pounds and include VAT.

Minimum order value is a mere 50.00. Orders over 250.00
will have free shipping, below that shipping is charged at

ID 3063

More amazing ex chainstore Clothing deals from this
London based wholesaler. Categories include Accessories,
Childrenswear, Footwear, Ladieswear including Plus Size,
Maternity Wear and Menswear.

Some typical prices:

17 x Aquaverdi Printed Skirts, 59.50, only 3.50 each
5 x M & S Print Blouses, 15.00, only 3.00 each
6 x Urban Behaviour Dresses, 27.00, only 4.50 each
7 x MK Long Tops, 17.50, only 2.50 each
6 x Revolution Dresses, 27.00, only 4.50 each
12 x Red Herring Dresses, 30.00, only 2.50 each
14.x Vintage Boutique Dresses, 49.00, only 3.50 each
6 x D. Perkins Dresses, 18.00, only 3.00 each

...and many, many more offers available. (138 offers
in the Ladieswear section alone!)

Shipping inside the UK is on a special promotion price
of only 10.00 for orders under 500.00. Orders over
500.00 are free. Shipping is available to other EU

You can view the latest suppliers here:


If you're not yet a member and are interested in starting
your own retail business and need UK wholesale sources,
you can read more at:


Best Regards,

Brian Cahill
Manager, UKOW.

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