22nd July 2008 Newsletter

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Goehler's eBay Sources Reviewed, DVD #1.

If you read my last newsletter, then you'll know what this
is about. If not, I'm reviewing Oliver Goehler's new set
of DVDs, which reveal sources for products that are
making substantial profits on eBay.

Today, I'm reviewing the first DVD in his Birthday
Special Sources set..

The category of product Oliver talks about in DVD number
one is books.

Books are a great product to sell whether they interest you
or not. They're small and in this case highly profitable. If
books DO interest you at all, you can order your favorites
from this ultra cheap source, read them and then sell them
on eBay or Amazon.

Books tend to have repeat customers. I myself will buy
everything by Stephen King or Andy McNab or Richard
Dawkins, etc.

When you build up a customer base, you can offer them
other books by the same author or even about the same
topic or theme. (If you like Andy McNab, you'll probably
like Chris Ryan too...)

Oliver shows you actual products selling on eBay, (and the
Amazon marketplace), and then shows you the actual
source website where you can buy the books and for
how much.

An example shows a particular book selling on eBay for
7.99GBP, and that's available from the supplier for a mere
3.00USD. (It's a U.S supplier.). That's about 1.50GBP
giving an impressive mark up of 6.49GBP!

I should say that the DVDs don't just talk about products
and where to get them, they feature Oliver himself giving
lots of advice to help you make the most of your business.

For example, keeping a record of your customers so that
you can offer them further products down the line, he also
talks about having your own website, using Amazon to sell
your books, and lots more sensible advice.

Tomorrow, I'll be looking at DVD number 2, so stay tuned.

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Until next time...

'Bye for now.


Brian, UKOW

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