26th July 2008 Newsletter

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Goehler's eBay Sources Reviewed, DVD #2.

Today, I'm reviewing the second DVD in his Birthday
Special Sources set..

The type of product Oliver talks about in DVD number
two could be called a Health & Beauty product. It's
possibly the smallest product in this DVD series, and
a current 'hot' market on eBay.

These items are so small, that probably 1000s could
be stored in your bedroom, and the small size also
means, of course, low cost and easy shipping.

This is a true 'niche' product, that has fairly low
competition and an easy to manage product. The
markups available are impressive, as the products
are available to purchase on a wholesale basis
for pennies, and sell for many times that.

Oliver gives 'live' listings on eBay and shows US
sources where you can buy the products wholesale.

Typical prices on eBay are around the 2.00 to 3.00
GBP mark, and the wholesale price starts from
around a mere 25p, giving a 10 fold markup, which
is very rare in any market!

There are powersellers in this niche selling up to
a thousand of these each month, to give you an idea of
the potential.

Oliver then talks about how to approach and get
the most out of this market and sources, suggesting,
for example, that you examine the current powersellers
on eBay UK, to see which of their products are
selling the best, and use your findings to determine
which products to sell yourself.

As I mentioned, it's a hot 'niche' market, and the
competition is relatively low, so a good market
for beginners to get into.

He also talks a more about expanding your eBay
business and gives some great tips, for example
how to build a list of past customers and how
you can use an email service to send them
news about other products you may have
that they may be interested in.

I'll be reviewing DVD 3 next time, so if you're
interested in this, keep an eye out for my next

For more information, have a look at:


Until next time...

'Bye for now.


Brian, UKOW

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