28th July 2008 Newsletter

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Goehler's eBay Sources Reviewed, DVD #4.

Carrying on from my last email, I'm reviewing Oliver
Goehler's new set of DVDs, which reveal sources for
products that are right now making good profits on eBay.

(If you've missed the previous reviews, there's a link
to them at the end of the page).

Today, I'm reviewing the fourth DVD in his Birthday
Special Sources set of seven.

DVD 4 talks about another 'niche' market product, more
specifically an interesting clothing & accessories niche.
But it's a surprisingly large niche that you probably
aren't aware of. (I know I certainly wasn't.)

There's a huge variety of this type of product available
and it's another easy to stock, easy to ship type of

This product also facilitates building a larger business
based on it, a website for example, though these products
are mainly aimed at eBayers, you should always be aware
of other methods of growing your business.

The presentation format is the same as in the previous
DVDs, Oliver talks a little about the product category
and then gives live examples of products selling on eBay
and the website sources where you can buy the stock.

The websites for this niche are again US, and with
the pound so strong against the dollar at the moment,
this means you can make higher margins by buying
from across the pond. One GBP is now approximately
2 USD!

For example, he shows one product from one source
selling on eBay from a powerseller in this niche for
around 16.00GBP, and that exact product available
from the source for only half that price.

Further examples are given and live listings show similar
profit margins.

Oliver finishes this program similar to the previous
DVDs with a talk about how best to take advantage of
this niche, revealing some great advice for eBayers
and traders generally. For example, he talks about
expanding the eBay business by having a website,
which many of his previous customers have done.

In fact, I frequently come across eBay sellers who have
a website in addition to their auction activity, so it's a
serious proposition, especially for your best selling

Tomorrow, I'll be looking at DVD number 5, so stay tuned.

For more information, have a look at:


Until next time...

'Bye for now.


Brian, UKOW

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