29th July 2008 Newsletter

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Goehler's eBay Sources Reviewed, DVD #5.

Today, I'm reviewing the fifth DVD in Oliver Goehler's
new eBay sources package which he calls his "Birthday
Special Sources" set of seven DVDs which reveal where
to buy current, profitable products for resale on eBay

If you've missed the previous reviews, you can view
them all at:


DVD 5 talks about another small, (very small in this
case), product which of course means easy storage
and low cost and easy shipping.

The source in this case is again based in the US and
that's a good thing. As I've mentioned before, the
exchange rate between the GBP and USD is very favourable
at the moment, which means more margin.

This is easily one of the best types of product to sell on
eBay. It's small, easy to ship, low shipping cost and
is in great demand. It has a high "size to value" ratio,
meaning small but valuable.

This particular product does have quite a few brand
names associated with it, which the first supplier
deals with. I can't give away any brand names without
revealing the product niche, but they're household
names and other names that aren't so well known
amongst the general public but big in this niche.

As usual, Oliver shows live eBay listings. For example,
a product selling on eBay from another poweseller for
this niche, for around 70GBP, is available from the
supplier for the same amount in dollars, roughly
70 USD, so double the price, in effect. The supplier
has an enormous number of products available, (over
500 for just one brand name alone!)

Oliver finishes this DVD as usual, with a talk
about how best to approach the market in question to
maximise success.

Next time, I'll be looking at DVD number 6.

For more information, have a look at:


Until next time...

'Bye for now.


Brian, UKOW

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