"Looking For REAL UK Wholesalers?

Now You Can Quickly and Easily Find Profitable Products To Sell on eBay, Car Boot Sales, Market Stall Sales, Party Plan Sales, etc., with these Genuine UK Wholesalers, Dropshippers and Job Lot Stock Sources"

In 2014, Easily Earn An Extra 500 A Month Part-Time, or Full-Time Write Your Own Cheque

From: Brian Cahill, Manager, UKOW.

If you can find products that will sell profitably on eBay, then you can sell them profitably in any retail marketplace; Carboot Sales, Markets, Party Plan Sales, Factory Sales, Store Sales, etc.

If you can sell it there, you'll sell it anywhere.

But how do you find suitable products?This has got to be the biggest hurdle to get over when starting a retail business, particularly on eBay.

I started out, 5 years ago, looking to start a real home based business and came across eBay and decided to give it a try as the startup costs were virtually zero. I spent weeks looking for products that I could sell profitably and discovered many, many suppliers offering a bewildering array of products. I've seen it all. Some great suppliers, some not so good and some outright scammers.

Even back then, the scam artists were plying their trade, but I didn't get fooled, not for a second, because I decided NOT to go for the hot selling products that these scammers were offering. The competition was too much, and the profits were thin if not non-existent. Things have only gotten worse today!

My strategy for eBay success back then, still applies today.

While others were looking for cheap "in demand" products, I looked for products that nobody else was selling. Unusual gadgets, non branded Electronics, Toys, Ex Store Clothing, Surplus/Liquidated products and so forth, and avoided DVDs, CDs, Designer Clothing, Mobile Phones and all those other hot selling items that you can't find suppliers for. Not then, and not now.

And so began my little home based eBay business which eventually grew large enough to enable me to quit my job as a delivery driver and work from the comfort of home.

I quickly realised, though, that there would probably be a large market for my sources so I put all of my wholesalers into a book and listed it on eBay for 9.99 and it sold like hot cakes with rave reviews. In fact, the feedback from those sales was so positive that I then decided to develop the idea into this website, which I now run full time.

After a further 4 years of development, this site now contains only the very best wholesale suppliers of all sorts of merchandise, all online, all in the UK.

There is now an A to Z index of 1000s of wholesale products available.

You can be up and running, making money from these wholesale sources within a week!

Inside, you'll find:

1. REAL UK wholesalers of Jewellery, Clothing, Gifts, Toys, MP4 Players, Accessories, etc.

2. You'll also find suppliers of innovative products that you probably are not yet aware of. From Novelty Ironing Board Covers to "As Seen On TV" type products like the Drink Stacking Device, RakaStaka, that was featured in the BBC TV programme, 'Dragons Den', for example.

3. We also include suppliers of surplus stock. These are Auction Houses, Clearance Warehouses, and so on.

Buy goods at up to 97% OFF THE RETAIL VALUE

In addition to finding wholesale suppliers, you'll find some amazing clearance offers from Ex-Catalogue and Surplus Stock.

Did you know that there are warehouses across the UK full of merchandise that consumers return?

These container loads of merchandise can come from High Street Chain Store Outlets, Mail Order Catalogues and also from Cancelled Orders, Factory Overmakes, Liquidations, etc. These products include Branded Clothing, Jewellery, Exercise Equipment, Audio/Visual Products, Toys, PC Accessories, Gaming Accessories and much more

What happens to these products?

They're scooped up by major warehouses for a fraction of their retail value. These warehouses sell this stock to ANYONE THAT HAS THE CASH. In many cases, these returned items are not perfect. They may be damaged, faulty, etc. This is great if you can refurbish them and sell for a fat profit, because these less-than-perfect stocks are going for a song...BUT there are plenty of PERFECT STOCKS and "Grade A" stocks available if you're not in a position to do repairs.

Here are some recent examples of available stocks. These are NOT RETURNS:

Mobile Phone Accessories Stock Sold at an amazing 3% of Retail!

Pallet Lot of Brand New BT Phones Sold at 7.5% of Retail!

New Branded Audio products at 35% of Retail!

Brand New Car Accessories at 35% of Retail!

RRP: 29,000.00
Trade: 877.00

RRP: 5999.00
Trade: 799.00

RRP: 5034.35
Trade: 1762.02

RRP: 2304.33
Trade: 806.51

Pallet Lot of Brand New Nursery/Toys Sold at 35% of Retail.

Pallet Lot of Brand New His & Hers Gifts at 35%.

Pallet Lot of Brand New Powertools at 35% of Retail!

Pallet Lot of Brand New Personal Electrics at 35% of Retail!

RRP: 2939.02
Trade: 1028.66

RRP: 2580.79
Trade: 903.28

RRP: 4208.77
Trade: 1473.10

RRP: 4043.22
Trade: 1415.13

Ex River Island Clothing at 25% of Retail.

Kids Nike Footwear at 25% of Retail!

Ladies Versace Thongs at 16% of Retail!

Mens Umbro Tracksuits at 20% of Retail!

RRP: 29.99
Trade: 7.50

RRP: 19.99
Trade: 5.00

RRP: 27.99
Trade: 4.50

RRP: 30.00
Trade: 6.50

Pallet Lots of "A" Grade Watches, Accurist, Nike, Adidas, Rotary, etc at 22% of Retail!

"A" Grade Jewellery Pallet Lots at 22% of Retail!

Pallet Lot of "A" Grade Toys & Gifts at 28% of Retail!

Grade 1 Starter Packs of Clothing at 12.5% of Retail!

RRP: 2083.60
Trade: 458.39

RRP: 5701.62
Trade: 1254.35

RRP: 2107.06
Trade: 589.98

RRP: 4374.00
Trade: 546.75

If you run a retail business or you want to start a serious retail business part-time or full-time, then this directory will help hit the ground, running.

For a start, you'll save time by not having to search the internet for hours, days and weeks. We've already done that and continue to do so everyday.

You'll have a large database of thousands of UK suppliers to choose from. You can search through this database quickly and easily to find specific products, or you can just browse through the listings and see what's available.

All suppliers have websites, so you can see their products and contact them quickly and easily. New suppliers are being added on a weekly basis so you can take advantage of the latest opportunities.

Check the latest suppliers here

We've been compiling this directory of UK Suppliers for 5 years now, saving you hours of searching, and we update the information several times a week. You can browse through the categories and descriptions to see EXACTLY what you're getting. To register, just click on the payment button below for instant access.

Save time searching for the right supplier. Are you spending hours and hours looking for wholesale and trade suppliers on the internet? Wouldn't it be much more convenient to use a low cost directory that does all the hard work for you?

Choose from many types of product. Use the fast search facility to find exactly which product you're looking for. Alternatively, we've grouped all the listings into 19 easy to use categories.

Over 14,000 paid subscribers have used our directory to find UK suppliers!

Interested in starting your own business? Maybe you just want some extra money in your pocket to help pay those bills or you want to quit your job and go full-time.

Are you in business? Are you getting the best prices from your existing supplier? With so many sources available to you in the directory, you may find cheaper suppliers than the one you're using now AND discover great products to sell that you didn't even know existed.

How Do I Sell These Products?

You can sell in your own retail outlet if you have one.

You can sell products on the internet auction sites such as eBay. Selling products on eBay and other online auctions is a great, fun way to earn extra cash, but to be successful at this, you need to either offer products at ridiculously cheap prices or offer products that few other people are offering.

This is where the directory really comes in useful.

With so many different products available from suppliers in this directory, and with new products coming along regulary, you'll find many products that only a handful of others are aware of, or better still - products that NO ONE ELSE is aware of.

When we were compiling this directory, I personally sold many unique items and you can too. For example, I sold Radio Controlled Daleks on eBay and made over 30.00 profit on each one. I sold hundreds of Novelty Bicycle Tyre Lights and made over 7.00 for each set. I've sold Digital Camcorders and made 30.00 on each one! Remember those tiny Radio Controlled Racing Cars a few years ago? I sold hundreds of them and doubled my money on each one.

By keeping alert to new products and getting them before the competition, you can make money on eBay. Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, etc. are great examples of times when new products can be exploited for maximum profit. There is always a new selection of 'must have' Toys and Novelties at Christmas. Health & Beauty products are also a great seller on eBay. Keep up to date with the latest products with UKOW.

The New Electronic e-Cig. A Revolution in Quitting Smoking!

Also, the Surplus section of the website contains dozens of suppliers of stock at BELOW wholesale prices, as mentioned, and these can be used to source the really cheap products for eBay. This kind of stock comes from Factory Overmakes, End of Lines, Bankrupt & Liquidated Stocks, Ex-Chainstore, Ex-Catalogue, etc.

Here are some recent examples of this kind of stock selling on eBay

Supplier ID 1048

Tanning Lotion

Selling on eBay for 5.95
Price from supplier, 76.80 for 48
Price Per Unit Approx. 1.60

Potential Total Profit Over 120!

Supplier ID 1048

Versace Perfume

Selling on eBay in lots of 20 for 4.99
Price from supplier, 65 for 520
Price Per Unit Approx. 12p

Potential Total Profit Over 60!

Supplier ID 1048

McAfee Software

Selling on eBay for 15.99
Price from supplier, 265 for 50
Price Per Unit Approx. 5.30

Potential Total Profit Over 500!

Supplier ID 1048

Fast Tanning Lotion

Selling on eBay for 4.99
Price from supplier, 67.20 for 48
Price Per Unit Approx. 1.40

Potential Total Profit Over 170!

Supplier ID 3054

Ex Wallis Top

Selling on eBay for 7.99
Price from supplier, 39.50 for 10
Price Per Unit Approx. 3.95

Potential Total Profit Over 40!

Supplier ID 3054

Ex Chainstore Dress

Selling on eBay for 9.99
Price from supplier, 39.50 for 10
Price Per Unit Approx. 3.95

Potential Total Profit Over 60!

Supplier ID 3054

Ex M&S Top

Selling on eBay for 7.99
Price from supplier, 39.50 for 10
Price Per Unit Approx. 3.95

Potential Total Profit Over 40!

Supplier ID 3054

Ex Select Top/Dress

Selling on eBay for 7.99
Price from supplier, 35 for 10
Price Per Unit Approx. 3.50

Potential Total Profit Over 40!

Supplier ID 3054

Ex Select Denim Skirt

Selling on eBay for 9.99
Price from supplier, 31.50 for 9
Price Per Unit Approx. 3.50

Potential Total Profit Over 50!

Supplier ID 3054

Ex Sugar Clothing Dress

Selling on eBay for 20.99
Price from supplier, 75 for 5
Price Per Unit Approx. 15

Potential Total Profit Over 30!

Other Selling Methods

If you prefer to get out and about, or if you like meeting people, you could use Party Planning. Arrange parties in your home and invite your friends over. This is a great way to sell the latest Health & Beauty products, Jewellery, Clothing, Toys, etc.

Maybe you're a Market Trader or you're considering setting up a Market Stall. This is perfect for selling Surplus Goods like Clothing, Hardware, Jewellery, etc.

Car Booting. A great way to earn some extra cash at the weekends. Anything can be sold at a Car Boot sale, and the running costs are minimal.

Factory/Office Sales

Do you work in a factory or office? Have you ever noticed sales people coming and leaving a catalogue and some samples in the canteen along with an order form? This is a great way for you to sell Toys, Gifts, Jewellery, Perfume, etc.

Mail Order. By advertising in Magazines, Newspapers, Your Own Website, using Mailshots, TV/Radio Advertising, etc. you can sell products depending on your own knowledge, skills and preferences.

Use Drop Shippers to post products directly to your customers.

The directory includes Drop Shippers of many different products including: Mobile Phone Accessories, Computers, Laptops, Inkjet Cartridges, Health & Beauty Products, Toys, Gadgets, Novelties, Designer Clothing, Electronics and more.

Did you know that you don't have to purchase huge quantities of stock in order to run a business? You can use a Drop Shipper. Drop shipping is an ideal way to get into the retail trade.

What is Drop Shipping?

Simply this - A drop shipping supplier will ship goods, one at a time, DIRECTLY TO YOUR CUSTOMER with either your name on the package or plain packaging. This way, you don't have to stock anything. You advertise the goods on eBay, your own website, newspapers, magazines, etc. You get the orders AND the cash from the customers. You then order the goods from the Dropshipper by paying them the trade price. You profit because you pay the supplier the trade price for the product, but you charge the customer the trade price PLUS your profit margin.

We're highly aware of this exciting new opportunity called Drop Shipping, and are very focused on finding new UK Dropshippers.

Here's a tiny selection of actual products you can have dropshipped. There are 1000's more in the directory:

Why purchase a membership?

For a start, so you'll stop wasting your valuable time trawling through the Internet for trade suppliers, we've already done this for you. We're a well established VAT registered businesss and have been online now for almost 3 years. Suppliers contact us almost daily asking us to help them promote their website. Exciting, new and profitable products are frequently being added to the directory.

What are the wholesale prices?

This varies. Typically the wholesale price is around 50% of retail. This is a general rule. In some cases the discount can be more and in others, it can be a lot less. Surplus wholesalers offer up to 97% off retail, but usually it's around 65% to 80% off!

However, some products have very small margins. For example, branded consumer electronics like games consoles and mobile phones. This is because the competition is so high for these items. Other low margin items include the latest dvds and console games. To get around this, there are more and more import brokers emerging who CAN supply these kinds of products at higher margins.

Now, you may be thinking:

I've purchased wholesale 'lists' before and they were rubbish!

Yes, I know. I've purchased other 'lists' and many links were dead or they weren't resellers. All of our suppliers are carefully chosen. If they don't offer goods for resale, we don't include them.

How do I know the suppliers aren't scammers?

We know a scammer when we see one. Any supplier that offers 'in demand' products at prices too good to be true sets our alarm bells ringing. We just don't include them. You won't find any suppliers of Nike Trainers, Designer Clothing, Mobile Phones, etc. going for silly prices in this directory.

There are other directories with more wholesalers than yours, why is that?

We have come across literally thousands of UK suppliers. But we only include what we feel are the very best. With us, it's quality, not quantity. We review dozens of suppliers every week and weed out the ones that we feel will not be suitable to most people.

Can I not find these sources myself on Google?

To find wholesalers on the internet is very hard work. The best wholesalers don't advertise. We locate the best sources in many different ways. We use the search engines using dozens of search terms and look at every page of results. We look in trade magazines, trade forums, other directories and have many suppliers contacting us for listings. If you want to find great sources quickly and easily then this is for you.

It all sounds too good to be true, why is it so cheap?

Yes 14.95 for one year is great value. If you'd like to pay more, please get in touch. Seriously though, the wholesaler directory market is very competitive and we intend to stay in the game. That means offering outstanding value for money.

I've seen much better offers in other directories!

If you want to find out more about these other directories, please do your research first. If their offers sound too good to be true, they probably are. Google them. Look for independent opinions on them. Forums are great places for getting unbiased reviews.


Here are some testimonials from people who've used the site.

"I've used the website quite a lot and found it really useful. There were a lot of companies listed that I hadn't found anywhere else and I was happy with the layout and the ease of use of the website."

Tara Murray
Bridgewater, Somerset

"I found my subscription very useful and definitely worth the money. Yours seems an extremely professional site and I will definitely take advantage of it in the near future. Regarding other membership sites I've often browsed around on the internet, yours is the most reliable and trustworthy so far. Thank you. A very happy member."

Claudia Mincone,
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

"I'm a member of UKOW and I love it. It's great value for money and I spend hours going through the different sites. I am mostly interested in the auction sites, it's a great way to bag a bargain. Keep up the good work."

Tracy Gray
Filey, North Yorkshire

"I am in the early stages of setting up an eBay shop selling lingerie and fancy dress. Thanks to your website and emails I was able to find numerous wholesalers which saved me plenty of time searching around.

I've just received my first lot of stock today, so I can't wait to add them to my shop, everything is moving quickly and the membership was worth every penny, so a big thank you."

Michelle Lloyd
Hereford, Hertfordshire.

"My business is Handmade By Hellen and I offer a wholesale service to retailers requiring greeting cards, baby gifts, keepsake boxes, photo albums and guest books.

I had a positive experience with your directory. I found quite a few good resources and made contacts with companies whose websites I could not find on my own.

I have at the moment sourced all my products so I don't really need the membership anymore, but I would renew it if I went in a different direction."

Hellen McMaster

"I would just like to say that out of the many organisations that promise a service such as yours, (and I've tried more than a few!!), yours has been the only one that has delivered what it has promised.

I have been able to find numerous suppliers for both now and for my future plans and can honestly say that without your help I would still be looking for most of them today.

I am now in a position to really motor ahead with my business plans.

Most of my sales were carried out at the many large markets that I attend here in Spain, with a few on eBay. My problem was finding a decent supplier that would enable me to sell and earn a reasonable profit via eBay.

This, with your help and my sincere thanks, is now a viable proposition for me. So much so that if things "pan out" as expected, I will end up with the majority of my sales via eBay, and only doing maybe 1 market per week!

For your further information, I am currently living in mainland Spain in a town called Muro, which is inland in the province of Alicante, about 60 kilometers from Alicante itself and my Ebay sales are made to the UK. I will be selling into Spain via eBay as soon as my Spanish translations for products are completed.

As for your pricing, I can't fault it. The info recieved is more than worth it."

Martin Cross
Muro, Alicante

"We have ordered and paid for your interesting directory. The directory is very useful to us and we have made numerous contacts and purchases online as a result, and would like to rate it as one of the top, and most interesting, directories on the 'net. We believe the price charged worth it for the many contacts we've established."

George Slue
GK International
Brierfield - Lancashire.

"I think your wholesale site is brilliant and I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for suppliers. I use the directory regularly to look for new suppliers and have several stores online. I've been a member for some time now and I enjoy using the site, and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!"

Beverley Herdman
Sales and Marketing Director
Stargate Computers
Corby, Northants.

"I run an online wedding and party supplies business called Fun Fanatics. In particular I'm always keeping an eye out for new suppliers to give me original ideas of unusual party bag toys or wedding favours.

For me UKOW offered an affordable option to save me valuable time hunting around for the right supplier. Being in a competitive market it is useful to have easy access to new suppliers of innovative products to continue to help my business grow."

Amanda Lonergan
Fun Fanatics Ltd
Hereford, Hertfordshire

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