UKOW Testimonials

All testimonials here are from eBay and refer to the old ebook version of this site. You can check these testimonials and see many more by looking at my eBay profile here.

"Has oodles of websites. I have spent hours on 1 page"!

"Very informative. Worth the money."

"WOW!! A whole lot of info!!! Thanks alot!!!

"A worthwhile read, for ideas and perspective regarding UK pricing of goods. A+."

"Great....So much info ! Highly recommended ! A++++++++++"

"Useful info...Many Thanx...AAA Rated."

"Fantastic Resource.. "

"Su-feckin-perb...Great info. A+++ seller. Mucho gracias."

"top stuff, exactly what I want."

"Professional Service, Excellent Communication."

"FANTASTIC - I've already found a money saving opportunity for me - THANK YOU"

"Excellent aladdins cave of online wholesalers, RECOMMENDED good cust care."

"Extremely interesting...can't stop looking thru it."